Name of the Course Unit Code Year Semester In-Class Hours (T+P) Credit ECTS Credit
ELECTRICAL MACHINES EEE317 3 5 3+0 3.0 5.0

Weekly Course Contents and Study Materials for Preliminary & Further Study
Week Topics (Subjects) Preparatory & Further Activities
1 AC Machinary Fundamentals No file found
2 Mechanical and electromagnetic fundamentals: The magnetic field No file found
3 Faraday's law and magnetic circuits No file found
4 Calculation of inductance and mutual inductance No file found
5 Electromagnetic Energy Conversion: Energy balance and force evaluation No file found
6 Synchronous Generators No file found
7 Midterm Exam No file found
8 Synchronous Motors No file found
9 Induction Motors No file found
10 Transformers: Ideal Transformers No file found
11 Real transformers , OC & SC tests, voltage regulation and efficiency, 3 phase transformers No file found
12 DC machinery fundamentals: Simple rotating four-loop machine No file found
13 Introduction to DC motors: The equivalent circuit of a DC motor No file found
14 Separately excited shunt, series and compounded DC motors No file found