Name of the Course Unit Code Year Semester In-Class Hours (T+P) Credit ECTS Credit
ELECTRICAL MACHINES EEE317 3 5 3+0 3.0 5.0

Objectives and Contents
Objectives of the Course Unit Besides learning the basic machine fundamentals students will be able to understand the working of the motors, generators and transformers in detail.
Contents of the Course Unit This course analyzes magnetic materials, magnetic parameters and magnetic properties of the materials. Application of soft magnetic materials and magnetic circuits are also involved in the course. Single phase transformers are analyzed in two categories such as ideal transformers and real transformers. Special purpose transformers such as auto-transformers and their power rating advantage are analyzed. This course also aims to examine three-phase transformers and their functions in power distribution systems. AC/DC machinery fundamentals, simple rotating loop, power flow and losses of real DC machines, analysis of shunt and series connected DC machines and DC generator fundamentals are also take significant part in the course.
Contribution of the Course Intending to Provide the Professional Education This course contributes for students who will be working in power sector of E&E engineering.